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Konferencje z Jemenem oraz Zambia.

Już są dostępne konferencje z Jemenem oraz z Zambią. Wszystko na naszych podstronach u góry w menu.

Szanowni Państwo  /   Ladies and Gentelmen,

Przesyłamy w poniższym linku  / We send you in the link below
Przesłanie Wielkanocne 2021 z Polski / Easter 2021 message from Poland

Przesyłamy w poniższym linku  / We send you in the link below
Przesłanie Wielkanocne 2021 z Polski / Easter 2021 message from Poland

z wyrazami szacunku / Yours faithfully

Tomasz Minkiewicz.

Hannover Messe CeMat 2018r.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
On March 22, we finished

3rd International Conference Poland – Zambia on-line,and we have completed a series of three conferences dedicated to
development of cooperation with South and Central Africa as well as North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.These were the conferences: 
Poland – Mozambique, on January 14 (conducted in English)
Poland – Yemen / Arabian Peninsula / North Africa, on March 15 (in English and Arabic)
Poland – Zambia, on March 22 (conducted in English)
The subject of these conferences was the transfer of Polish technologies to the countries of Africa and Asia and the initiation of further cooperation in the field of agriculture and agri-food processing.Thanks to your help and cooperation, we interested in our proposals not only the countries of Africa, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.Each conference was attended by over 300 participants (not counting the speakers), who left and entered our webinar portal many times during the conference, which proved their great interest in the presented content. Our deliberations were listened to by many participants not only from the countries to which we addressed our proposals, but also from many others, including Europe, the Far East (including China), the Americas and even Australia.The on-line broadcasts that we organized – and the conference materials were extremely popular on social networks and other portals, including specialist ones on the Internet.
We cannot really give the full and exact number of participants, but we do know, that there were thousands of participants.
Without your help, we would not have been able to organize such special conferences, where, in short and clear speeches, our wonderful speakers presented specific and clear proposals of their companies, addressed to the countries of Africa and Asia.We will continue our activities in the office and assembly plant of Polish machines in Maputo, created thanks to our conference with Mozambique, where we are also preparing plans for the development of plantations and pilot farms in Mozambique.Our offices will be established in Sana’a, Yemen, in Istanbul, Turkey, in Lusaka, Zambia, where we will also strive to create Polish machinery and equipment assembly plants, as well as plantations and pilot farms.
As we said before, and as we always pay attention to, the fundamental problem today is that rich countries with advanced technologies are developing faster and faster, and countries that do not have access to innovation and technical knowledge are lagging behind.These differences continue to deepen and will be a great problem for future generations, as does the climate change taking place.
International co-development, international business as well as international economic cooperation,
it should not be dependent on borders, location, climate, religion, and the power exercised in a given country, nor should it be dependent on political parties or organizations, or on historical or social prejudices.That is why it is so important, to use every opportunity to promote international cooperation, also through online conferences such as ours – in order to strive to equalize the pace of development of individual countries.
The basic questions asked to us during the conference, before its start or after its end by participants, from many countries, not only from Mozambique, Zambia or Yemen, concerned specific solutions presented during the conference, own needs and the possibility of satisfying them from Poland.
We will talk about the details individually with individual companies, institutes, parks and organizations presenting their offers, at the same time presenting proposals and further action plans for the development of our cooperation in African and Asian countries.
The representative and coordinator of further activities in the Republic of Mozambique, Zambia and Yemen is Mr. Tomasz Minkiewicz, who has visited Mozambique several times in previous years, and his last visit in 2020 resulted in a great acceleration in the development of Poland-Mozambique cooperation.
For when, at the end of last year, Mr. Tomasz Minkiewicz went on a special mission to Mozambique and presented the Program for the Sustainable Development of the Republic of Mozambique there
for the years 2021-2050, in the area of agriculture and agri-food processing. 
We did not expect such a great interest in this program. And not only on the part of business and business organizations, but also on the part of regional administrations and directly the government of the Republic of Mozambique.
At that time, meetings were held at the highest level, in the Ministries of Agriculture, Industry and Construction, there were official and backstage talks at banks, and other institutions and agendas related, not only to agriculture and processing. Within a few days of this visit, it was registered and launched in Maputo,
under the auspices of the Mozambique authorities, the company Fazenda Mozambicana, owned and simultaneously Mr. Tomasz Minkiewicz became the managing director (CEO).Fazenda Mozambicana in its assumption will be a bridge, credible for the government of the Republic of Mozambique, and its main goal and task will be the implementation of the Sustainable Development Program based on technologies, lines, machines, products and services from Poland.In further activities that we are currently preparing, we will first of all address you, as participants of our teleconference, with specific orders, needs, proposals for action sent to us from state and private companies, institutions or government agencies of the Republic of Mozambique, Zambia and YemenWe will try to keep you informed about our plans and further activities in the countries of Africa, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.

Yours faithfully

Panie i Panowie
Zapraszamy na: 
III Międzynarodowy Event Gospodarczy 
które odbędzie się w najbliższy poniedziałek, w  dniu 22 marca 2021 r. 
w godzinach od 8.00 do 16.00 

 Tematem konferencji jest Zrównoważony Rozwój 
Rolnictwa, Hodowli i Przetwórstwa Owoców i Warzyw  w ZAMBII we współpracy z polskimi firmami 
oraz transfer polskich technologii, wiedzy i umiejętności do ZAMBII.Zapraszamy Państwa do udziału w tej konferencji, nasze poprzednie konferencje on-Line przedstawiające konkretne rozwiązania i możliwości współpracy międzynarodowej – z Mozamikiem 14 stycznia i Jemenem w dniu 22 marca, cieszyły się ogromnym zainteresowaniem firm i organizacji rządowych i biznesowych z wielu krajów Afryki, Półwyspu Arabskiego, Europy, Azji, Ameryki Południowej i Północnej.Link do zalogowania sie do konferencji

Ladies and Gentlemen
The conference will be in Arabic and English.
Polish companies, institutions and organizations invite you to:
II International Economic Event
on March 22, 2021 from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
The theme of the conference is Sustainable Development of Agriculture, Breeding and Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Yemen in cooperation with Polish companies and the transfer of Polish technologies, knowledge and skills to Yemen.During the conference, proposals of selected and leading companies, institutions and organizations from Poland, addressed to companies, institutions and organizations in Yemen, will be presented. The aim of the conference is to develop existing companies in Yemen based on the latest Polish technologies and to stimulate the development of farms and companies in Yemen – in small and medium-sized, family and local farms or companies, mainly in the field of agriculture, farming and agri-food processing. During the conference, it will also be possible to present companies from Yemen that are looking for partners in Poland – to sell their products, to look for partners for cooperation or for further development in Yemen and its neighboring countries, in Poland or in Europe.

Please, register as a participant in advance via the link to the webinar:

If you are interested in presenting your offer and participating in the webinar as a presenter of the potential and possibilities of your company or institution, please send an email on this matter to the e-mail address: Tomasz Minkiewicz

and we will send you a link to the email address you provided, link as a speaker.

We cordially invite you,
with kind regards Tomasz M.

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